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Edited in exclusivity by Kolektiv 318, the Krystal vase results from a cooperation between Malwina Konopacka, a forefront Polish artist and a traditional Czech glass manufacturer. 


In 2015, Kolektiv first showcased Malwina Konopacka's work in France, presenting OKO (Cobalt, Jungle and Cut out series).


In 2017, we hosted her first exhibition in France at our showroom Kolektiv 318, located at Le Corbusier's Housing unit in Marseille, featuring a series of 15 unique hand-painted OKO vases, ceramics and drawings inspired by Le Corbusier and the lines and colors of the Cité radieuse.


In 2018, a new joint project emerged: to create the first ever crystal version of the iconic OKO vase.


At the crossroads of contemporary art, design and traditional arts and crafts from Central Europe, Krystal is a 35 cm high vase, mouth-blown in 15 kg of the purest Czech glass. 


First presented in Prague, selected by Design Blok 2018, up to 2 new versions are created every year and launched in different international fairs.


For each version, Malwina Konopacka explores a new technique: painting, decals, or the combination of ceramic and crystal with the vase Krystal "Odissey", selected for Prague Art House 2019.


This vase is the fifth in the series, and the first in cut and polished glass, the two most traditional techniques in Czech crystal manufacturing since the 17th Century.


Hand designed directly on the shape by the artist, it translates the energy of Malwina's contemporary drawing into a century long tradition manufacturing process.


Each piece handsigned or engraved. Authenticity certificate is provided.


Available in exclusivity at or from our showroom.


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